Learn the names of some professions and trades and say what the people do at their jobs.

Level A1 / A2


A job is the work that a person does regularly in order to earn money.

A profession is a job that requires special training, often a university education.

An occupation is a job or profession.

A trade is a job, that needs special skill, that involves working with your hands.



What do you want to be?

1. Make up sentences with the help of the chart.

2. Ask and answer as in the example:

What does a teacher do? – A teacher teaches children.

Who plays musical instruments? – A musician plays musical instruments.






I’ll be








I want to be

a teacher

a musician

a suit-maker

a driver

a painter

a computer programmer

a boxer

a pilot

a doctor

a cook

a sailor

a shop-assistant

a banker

a hairdresser

a dancer

a singer

a shoe maker

a nurse

a dentist

a waitress

a stewardess



play musical instruments

make suits

teach children

drive a car

fly in a plane

mend shoes

treat patients

paint pictures


take care of patients

cut hair

sing songs

write computer programs

box in the ring

cook tasty food

work in a bank

sell things

treat people’s teeth

wait on the table

serve the passengers

treat people