Read the text and put the sentences in the correct order.

Last Sunday Mike went to the park to play football with his friends. But the boys couldn’t play because it started to rain heavily. The boys went to the café to hide from the rain but Mike ran home. On his way home Mike got wet.


The next morning Mike felt bad. He had a terrible headache and a sore throat. Mike’s mother took his temperature. It was high and she decided to call a doctor. The doctor came and examined the boy’s throat. He also listened to Mike’s heart and lungs and said it wasn’t flu but a bad cold. The doctor gave Mike some medicine. He said that Mike had to stay in bed and take the medicine three times a day. The doctor also told him to drink hot tea with lemon.

In a week Mike felt well and went to school.


___ a) It started to rain and Mike got wet.

___ b) Last Sunday Mike and his friends went to play football.

___ c) Mike’s mother called a doctor.

___ d) In the morning Mike had a headache and a high temperature.


Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.

1.Last Sunday Mike and his friends wanted to … .

a. play with a ball

b. walk

c. eat in a cafe

d. go to the park


2. Mike fell ill because he … .

a. played football

b. ran in the park

c. was wet

d. had a headache


3. Mike felt bad on … .

a. Sunday morning

b. Sunday evening

c. Monday morning

d. Saturday morning


4. Mike went to school in ….

a. five days

b. six days

c. seven days

d. eight days


Write short answers to the questions.

1) Why couldn’t the boys play football?


2) Why did Mike’s mother decide to call a doctor?


3) What did the doctor give to Mike?


4) How many times a day did Mike have to take the medicine?




Complete the sentences with the words from the box.

dish       bread       photos         healthy
  1. Helen has to buy _________ and milk every day.
  2. Jack has bought a new camera because he is fond of taking _________ .
  3. Mark’s favourite _________ is pizza with chicken and mushrooms.
  4. Sport is necessary for your _________ life.


Choose the correct form of the verbs to complete the sentences.

1.Peter … that window yesterday.

a) doesn’t break       b) won’t break        c) didn’t break        d) hasn’t broken

2.They … to Italy next month.

a) travel       b) will travel        c) travelled        d) have travelled

3.… your sister often … to the theatre?

a) Does . …go       b) Is …. going        c) Did … go       d) Has … gone

4. I … my History project yet.

a) don’t write      b) am not writing        c) didn’t write        d) haven’t written


Write a letter to your pen friend about your working day. Use the plan below:

  • your name and age;
  • what you do in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.