Develop your reading, writing and speaking skills

Do Test 3 Year 5  Level A1+

Test 3 Year 5 is for the students of the fifth grade to check themselves.


Read the text and put the sentences in the correct order.

I have got a pen friend Susan. Susan lives in Manchester in England. She is twelve years old and she goes to school for girls. Her family is not very big. Her father is a serious and good-looking man. He is tall and thin with short dark hair and he wears glasses. Her father is a dentist. In his free time he likes playing football.

Susan’s mother is very beautiful. She isn’t tall and has got long blond curly hair and big eyes. Susan’s mother is a musician and plays the piano very well. She likes cooking and playing tennis.

Susan has got an elder brother Nick. He will finish school in a year. Nick is tall with short straight hair and big eyes.

Susan’s granny has got short curly hair and a kind smile. She is fond of gardening.

___ a) Her mother is a beautiful woman and she is musician.

___ b) My pen friend lives in England.

___ c) Her brother will soon live school.

___ d) Her father is a serious man and works as a dentist.

Task 1. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.

1. Susan’s father is … .

a. not thin
b. short
c. not short
d. not tall

2. Susan’s father works as a … .

a. dentist
b. football player
c. musician
d. gardener

3. Susan’s mother likes … .

a. singing
b. playing the piano
c. playing football
d. cooking

4. Nick’s hair is … .

a. not curly|
b. wavy
c. not short
d. not straight

Task 2. Write short answers to the questions.

  1. How old is Susan?
  2. What does her father wear?
  3. When will Nick finish school?
  4. What does Susan’s granny like doing?


Task 1. Complete the sentences with the words: colds, pretty, collecting, birthday

  1. Jane is a very __________ girl.
  2. People often catch __________ when the weather is cold.
  3. My grandfather is fond of __________ coins.
  4. I have already sent the invitations for the __________ party.

Task 2. Choose the correct form of the verbs to complete the sentences.

1. Next year we … in the sixth form.

a) are
b) were
c) will be
d) have been

2. Look! A cat … our meat!

a) eats
b) is eating
c) ate
d) will eat

3. She … me your letter yet.

a) doesn’t give
b) will not give
c) hasn’t given
d) didn’t give

4. When … you … this camera? – A month ago.

a) do … buy
b) are … buying
c) did … buy
d) has … bought

Task 3. Write a letter to your pen friend about your favourite school subject. Use the plan below:

  • what your favourite subject is;
  • how many times a week you have it;
  • what you usually do at the lessons;
  • why you like this subject.


Look at the picture.

  • Say what room it is and describe it.
  • Say what the people are doing in the room.
  • Tell about your favourite food.

What do you think of Test 3 Year 5? I hope it wasn’t difficult to do the tasks. What task of Test 3 Year 5 was the most difficult for you / the easiest / the most interesting?