Children Like Parites, Don’t They?

Do you like parties? What do you think the most popular parties for children are?

Do you often invite guests to your home?

What are your favourite parties?

What do you do to organize a party?

Do you you like making things with your hands?

Watch this presentation to speak about parties for children.

Speak about Parties for Children

  1. Children like to make up parties.
  2. Theme parties are very popular.
  3. Children choose a theme for their party.
  4. At the theme parties people usually wear clothes to match the theme.
  5. They make party decorations and have food and music with the same theme.
  6. Fancy dress parties, funny hat parties, Christmas parties, Valentine parties, Halloween parties, tea parties and pyjamas parties are also great.
  7. At sleep-over parties friends eat and play games in the bedroom.
  8. They usually go to sleep very late because they tell stories and talk.
  9. Outdoor parties are very good but you need good weather.
  10. At the outdoor parties people have picnics, barbecues, play games, relax and enjoy fresh air.
  11. The most favourite parties are birthday parties.
  12. To prepare for a party you have to do lots of things:
    • make invitations, party decorations, name badges
    • blow up balloons
    • prepare surprises, interesting games, different contests for the guests and prizes for the winners
    • buy tasty things like ice cream, sweets, fruit, cola and juice
    • make a cake or cookies
    • prepare CDs and DVDs with music to sing songs and dance
  13. Children play games, get and give presents, enjoy singing and dancing at the parties.
  14. Having parties is real fun!
  15. My favourite parties are _________________________________________