Develop your reading, writing and speaking skills

Do Test 2 Year 5  Level A1+

Test 2 Year 5 is for the students of the fifth grade to check themselves.


1. Read the text and put the sentences in the correct order.

I like Christmas, Mother’s Day and St. Valentine’s Day but my favourite holiday is New Year.

Usually my parents and I celebrate the New Year at home or at the cottage of my parents’ friend. But this New Year we celebrated at my grandparents’ house in the village. We had a lot of fun! We didn’t want to decorate the New Year tree in the house because we saw a nice fir-tree in the yard. My father and I decorated it with my old toys and garlands.

At night my aunt, uncle and cousins came and we sang songs and danced around the New Year tree. Most of all everybody enjoyed playing snowballs.

Then we gave presents to each other. My cousins got new bikes and I got a new mobile phone.

__ a. My father and I decorated the New Year tree in the yard.

__ b. As a present I got a mobile phone.

__ c. This New Year we celebrated in the village.

__ d. My favourite holiday is the New Year.

2. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.

1. The holiday I like most of all is … .

a. the New Year

b. Christmas

c. Valentine’s Day

d. Mother’s Day

2. This New Year we celebrated … .

a. at home

b. in the village

c. at our friend’s place

d. at my aunt’s place

3. Most of all we liked … .

a. singing songs

b. dancing

c. decorating the New Year tree

d. playing snowballs

4. My cousins got … as presents.

a. bikes

b. mobile phones

c. toys

d. garlands

3. Write short answers to the questions.

  1. Where do my parents and I usually celebrate the New Year?
  2. Where did we decorate the New Year tree?
  3. Who came to celebrate the New Year with us?
  4. What present did I get?


Task 1. Complete the sentences with the words: fridge, car, tall, ironing

  1. My mother is ___________ clothes in the room now.
  2. His cousin is ___________ and slim with long blond hair.
  3. There is a big new ___________ in the kitchen.
  4. My parents prefer to travel by ___________.

Task 2. Choose the correct form of the verbs to complete the sentences.

1. I … Mike yet.

a. don’t see
b. am not seeing
c. didn’t see
d. haven’t seen

2. Maggy often … chocolates for her children.

a. buys
b. is buying
c. bought
d. has bought

3. What … your sister … yesterday?

a. does / do
b. is / doing
c. did / do
d. has / done

4. The pupils … a dictation at the moment.

a. write
b. are writing
c. wrote
d. have written

Task 3. Write a letter to your pen friend about your family. Use the plan below:

    • your name and age;
    • the members of your family;
    • what the members of your family look like;
    • what hobbies the members of your family have.


Look at the picture and:

Congratulations! You’ve done Test 2 Year 5. Was it difficult? What task of Test 2 Year 5 was the most difficult for you / the easiest / the most interesting?