Let’s learn irregular verbs together

The English language has a large number of irregular verbs.

This presentation will help you remember some of them.

Have practice and use them talking about past events.

Level A1, A1+  Year 4, Year 5

Memorize these irregular verbs

Infinitive Past Simple Participle      II Translation
be was, were been бути
come came come приходити
do did done робити
have had had мати
find found found знаходити
forget forgot forgotten забувати
eat ate eaten їсти
make made made робити, виготовляти
read read read читати
sing sang sung співати
take took taken брати
write wrote written писати
wake up woke up woken up просинатись
build built built будувати
buy bought bought купувати
go went gone ходити, їздити
hear heard heard чути
meet met met зустрічатись
sit sat sat сидіти
sleep slept slept спати
fall fell fallen падати
shine shone shone світити
know knew known знати