Learn to speak about different kinds of shops.

Do you agree that shops and shopping are important in our life? Do you like shopping? What kinds of shops do you like and why?

Level A1/A2

Word List Shops and Shopping

important – важливий
almost every day – майже кожен день
sell (sold, sold) – продавати
buy (bought, bought) – купувати
customer – покупець
do the shopping – робити покупки
store – магазин
department store – універмаг
the baker’s – хлібний магазин
mallвеликий торговельний центр
the grocer’s (grocery) – бакалія, продуктовий магазин
the greengrocer’s – овочевий
the butcher’s – м’ясний
the fishmonger’s – рибний
the dairy – молочний
the newsagent’s – газетний кіоск
the confectionery – кондитерський
buns – булочки
rolls – булочки, рулет
pies – пиріжки
tinned – консервований
section – секція
dairy products – молочні продукти
footwear – взуття
furniture – меблі
souvenir – сувенір
goods – товари
the chemist’s (the pharmacy) – аптека
medicines – ліки
toothpaste – зубна паста
toothbrush – зубна щітка
a bar of soap – кусок мила
use – користуватися
pound – фунт
pence – пенси
cents – центи

Speak About Shops and Shopping

  1. Shops are very important in our life.
  2. We do our shopping almost every day.
  3. People who sell things are shop-assistants.
  4. People who buy things are customers.
  5. There are different kinds of shops.
  6. You can do the shopping in the supermarkets, department stores, malls, the baker’s, the grocer’s, the greengrocer’s, the butcher’s, the fishmonger’s, the dairy, the newsagent’s, the confectionery and others.
  7. At the baker’s you can buy bread, buns, rolls, cakes and pies.
  8. We buy tea, sugar, coffee, butter, cheese, tinned fruit, tinned meat, tinned fish, jam and other food at the grocer’s shop.
  9. At the butcher’s they sell meat, chickens and sausages.
  10. We buy fruit and vegetables at the greengrocer’s.
  11. We buy fish at the fishmonger’s.
  12. We buy sweets, candies, chocolate at the confectionery.
  13. A supermarket has different departments or sections.
  14. We buy dairy products at the dairy section of a supermarket.
  15. Department stores are large stores where you can buy almost all you want.
  16. There are shops which sell different goods: clothes, footwear, toys, furniture, pets, souvenirs, sport goods and others.
  17. At the chemist’s you can buy medicines, toothpaste, shampoo and bars of soap.
  18. At the newsagent’s they sell newspapers, magazines, copybooks, pens, stickers, calendars.
  19. In Ukraine people use hryvnias (UAH) and kopiykas (kop).
  20. In Great Britain people use pounds (£) and pence (p).
  21. In the USA people use dollars ($) and cents (c).