Tell about a famous Ukrainian sportsman.



Vasyl Virastyuk is

  • a legendaryUkrainian athlete,
  • the strongest man in Ukraine,
  • holder of World’s Strongest Man title,
  • Merited Master of Sports of Ukraine,
  • an actor.

In 2000 he participated in Ukraine’s Strongest Man competitions where he won and got the title “the Strongest man in Ukraine”. He was the only strong man in Ukraine who defended his title 6 times (2000-2007).

In 2004 Ukrainian strong man made his best to place ahead ex-champions and to get the new title “World’s Strongest Man”.

Vasyl Virastyuk set a lot of records:

  • pulled 5 trams with the mass of 101,5 tons;
  • carried 2 trunks (342 kg) for 19 m;
  • pulled 10 vehicles (16,5 t) for 18,5 m per minute;
  • moved on 15 m 7 vehicles (11 tons).

He is kind, clever, strong, industrious, hard-working and talented.

I admire this sportsman because is the proud of Ukraine.