Write a letter to your friend about your plans for summer holidays.

What country are you going to visit?

Who are you going to travel with?



Dear Dima,

I’m going on holiday with my family tomorrow! We are going to Turkey! We are going to travel by plane. I’m going to get up early tomorrow because we are going to leave the house at 3 o’clock and the plain departs at 6 o’clock.

I know the weather will be wonderful in Turkey. I will swim in the Meditereinian Sea every day. I will eat ice cream every day. I want to taste Turkish delight.


Mum and Dad are going to take their cameras because they are going to take a lot of photos. I will use dad’s camera because it’s better than mine. It’s not going to be boring. It will be great. I think we will have a great time. I can’t wait!

 And how are you going to spend your holiday? Write me soon.

From Bogdan