Write a letter to your pen pal who lives in the USA about taditional celebrations and traditional family holidays in your country.

Give some information about:

  • what this holiday / tradition is and when it is celebrated;
  • which of your family members like it the most;
  • what things you usually prepare for this day;
  • ask about traditions in your friend’s family and in his / her country.


Hi Jane,

Thanks for your letter. It was very interesting to know about your family.

Soon it will be Easter so I want to tell about the celebration of Easter in our family.

Easter is celebrated in April or in May in Ukraine. This year it will be on the 8th of April.

In Ukraine there are a lot of traditions connected with this holiday. On Easter Eve my granny and I buy pasky (Easter cakes), color Easter eggs and cook some tasty dishes. Then we put pasky as well as other provision into our festive baskets. On Easter Sunday we wake up very early and go to church with our baskets to bless our food. After that our family go to our cottage in the village. It’s our family tradition which had been started by my grandfather. There we make barbecue and eat all delicious food.

Easter is my favourite holiday and I love celebrating it in the family circle.

I’d like to give you the recipe of a cottage cheese paska. My granny sometimes makes it.



  • cottage cheese 1kg
  • butter 250 g.
  • sugar powder 250 g.s
  • sour cream 0,5 liter
  • 2 yolks
  • vanilla
  • fried orange peel
  • raisins


  • Rub cheese on a sieve
  • Add butter, yolks, and rub them very well
  • Add sour cream to the mixture
  • Mix with raisins, orange peel and vanilla
  • Put your mixture into a bowl under the press and put in the fridge for 8 or 10 hours
  • Decorate with fruit, pieces of jelly or chocolate
  • Enjoy!


I think you will try to cook it.

What about Easter traditions in your country and family?

Write me soon,