Learn Heart Idioms and use them in the sentences of your own.hearts-9


break somebody’s heart – разбить чье-либо сердце

to make someone very unhappy by ending a relationship with them or doing something that upsets them a lot

He broke my heart when he left me. It’ll break your father’s heart if you tell him you’re giving up college.

at heart – в душе, в глубине души

if you are a particular kind of person at heart, that is the kind of person that you really are even though you may appear or behave differently

He may be a working class boy at heart, but his lifestyle has been transformed. Let’s face it, we’re all romantics at heart.

at the heart of something – в основе чего-либо

to be the most important part of something, especially the main cause of it

The issue that lies at the heart of the present conflict is jealousy.

by heart – наизусть

When you learn something by heart, you learn it so well that you can repeat it from memory quickly and without thinking about it.

I learned my girlfriend’s phone number by heart.

When you know something by heart, you can repeat it from memory quickly and without thinking about it.

My son goes to school and he knows many poems by heart.

be sick at heart – тосковать, томиться, кошки скребут на сердце

be very unhappy

David was sick at heart about having to leave his family behind.

be the heart and soul of something – быть душой (общества)

If you put your heart and soul into something, you do it with a greatdeal of enthusiasm and energy

He will always be successful when he puts his mind to something, because he puts his heart and soul into it.

He is heart and souls of our class.

bring home to somebody’s heart – растрогать до глубины души

He brought home to my heart telling about his childhood.

cheer (warm) the cockles of one’s heart – радовать сердце

cause a pleasant feeling of a sentimental kind, comforting, reassuring; rejoice

Beautiful flowers warm the cockles of my heart.

cross one’s heart – клясться, божиться

to promise or pledge, especially by making the sign of a cross over one’s heart (British)

to make the sign of the cross over one’s heart as a token that one is telling  the truth (American)

He crossed his heart.

cry (sob or weep) one’s heart out – горько рыдать

to weep bitterly

She was crying her heart out.

cut (or touch) somebody to the heart – ранить в самое сердце

His words cut her to the heart.

devour one’s heart – изводить себя, страдать молча


She devoured her heart.


eat one’s heart out – страдать молча

to brood or pine with grief or longing

to brood or feel keenly unhappy over some frustration or in regret

You shouldn’t eat your heart out. 

Every heart knows its own bitterness. – У каждого свои горести.

false heart – вероломство

false-hearted – вероломный

falsehearted person is disloyal, deceitful

falsehearted traitor  — Shakespeare

follow one’s heart – руководствоваться чутьем

to do what one would really love to do

I decided to follow my heart and take up acting.

for my heart – хоть убей меня, ни за что

from the bottom of one’s heart – от всей души

in a very sincere way

He thanked us from the bottom of his heart. When I said you were my best friend, I meant it from the bottom of my heart.

go heart and soul into something – вкладывать всю душу

She goes heart and soul into teaching little kids.

have a change of heart – изменить решение к лучшему

a reversal in position or attitude

have a soft spot in one’s heart for somebody – испытывать теплое чувство к кому-либо

Granny had a soft spot in her heart for all her grandchildren.

have heart in one’s mouth – перепугать до смерти, душа ушла в пятки

Informal: if your heart is in your mouth, you are very excited or nervous about something.

She had a heart in her mouth walking through the dark forest.

have no heart – не иметь желания

I have no heart to go out tonight, I’d rather stay in.

heart of gold – золотое сердце

a kind and generous disposition

She has a heart of gold. She has a big heart. She is all heart.

heart of oak – отважный, храбрый человек

a brave person

King Arthur had a heart of oak.

have one’s heart in one’s work – уйти с головой в работу

to have enthusiasm for something

My brother was making an interesting project and he had his heart in his work.

have one’s heart in the right place – быть добрым, отзывчивым человеком

Our new boss had his heart in the right place.

have one’s heart in one’s boots – быть в угнетенном состоянии, потерять надежду

to be depressed or down-hearted

heart to heart – доверительно

heart-to-heart is a conversation between two people, especially close friends in which they talk freely about their feelings or personal problems.
I’ve had a heart-to-heart with him.
Before the wedding, I had a heart-to-heart talk with my mother.

imprint on somebody’s heart – запасть в душу

His words imprinted on my heart.

Heart Printshearts-red

 Whatever our hands touch

We leave fingerprints!

On walls, on furniture,

On doorknobs, dishes, books,

As we touch we leave our identity.


Oh, please, wherever I go today,

Help me leave heart prints!

Heart prints of compassion

Of understanding and love.

Heart prints of kindness

And genuine concern.


May my heart touch a lonely neighbor

Or a runaway daughter,

Or an anxious mother,

Or, perhaps, dear friend!


I shall go out today

To leave heart prints,

And if someone should say

“I felt your touch”,

May that one sense be … YOUR  LOVE

Touching through  ME.

Author Unknown

it makes the heart bleed – сердце кровью обливается

used to express sympathetic grief, but often used ironically

keep a good heart – не падать духом

He always keeps a good heart.

lose heart – отчаиваться, падать духом

to begin to feel that one cannot do something that one has been trying to do to become discouraged

They never lost heart, even in the face of adversity.

move somebody’s heart – тронуть чье-то сердце

His story moved her heart.

Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. – Была бы охота, а возможность найдется.

pluck up one’s heart – собраться с духом

to muster (courage, one’s spirits, etc)

He plucked up his heart before his speech at the graduation party.

pull at somebody’s heartstrings – растрогать кого-либо, подействовать на чувства

the deepest emotions or affections usually used in plural

That movie really pulls at your heartstrings.

set one’s heart at rest – перестать волноваться, успокоиться

to cause someone to set aside doubts, fears, or worries

Finally, she set her heart at rest.

set one’s heart on – решиться (сделать что-либо)

resolve; to have as one’s ambition to obtain; covet

She set her heart on going to medical school.

sick at heart – быть печальным, подавленным

very sad and upset

The idea of children suffering from hunger made him sick at heart.

stout heart – смелое сердце

having a stout  heart or spirit means to be courageous
He had a stout heart.
The heart that once truly loves never forgets. – Cтарая любовь не стареет.

to one’s heart‘s content – до полного удовлетворения

as much as one wishes
Children spent the whole day in the aquapark and swam to their heart’s content.

wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve – не скрывать своих чувств

to show one’s emotions very openly

He wears his heart on his sleeve.

win somebody’s heart,  steal someone’s heart – покорить чье-то сердце

to cause someone to feel love or affection

with half a heart – без интереса, неохотно


The studied with half a heart.

with heart and hand – охотно, с энтузиазмом

They worked with heart and hand trying to finish their project by the end of the week.