Affirmative sentence

Розповідне речення


Питальне речення

Interrogative sentence

Заперечне речення

people somebody





not anybody, not anyone

nobody, no one

things something


anything not anything


places somewhere


anywhere not anywhere




Exercise 1. Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets.

Example: There isn’t anything in the glass. (nothing) – There is nothing in the glass.

  1. She has met nobody today. (not anybody)


  1. I don’t see your hat anywhere. (nowhere)


  1. He bought nothing in the shop. (not anything)


  1. Mary isn’t speaking to anybody at the moment. (nobody)


  1. Harry works nowhere. (not anywhere)




Exercise 2. Complete the sentences with the words from the box.

something     nothing     somebody     nobody     anywhere     somewhere    

nowhere    anything 

  1. I want to go ________________ on holiday. Will you join me?
  2. ________________ phoned you in the morning.
  3. Does your daughter want ________________ special for her birthday? – Well, she wants ________________ beautiful for her room.
  4. Tony has already finished his work and now he has ________________ to do.
  5. I can’t find my camera ________________.
  6. Will your sister go to the party tonight? – Oh, she has to help our mother, so she will go ________________.
  7. It’s too dark outdoors. I see ________________ near the house.



Exercise 3. Circle the correct word.

  1. Do you know somebody / anybody in this city? – I’m afraid, I know anybody / nobody here.
  2. I’ve got something / anything tasty for you. – Is it something / anything sweet?
  3. Can you see my keys somewhere / anywhere? I’ve put them somewhere / anywhere and can’t find them anywhere / nowhere.
  4. Are there any oranges on the plate? – No, there is anything / nothing on the plate.
  5. I must ask somebody / anybody for help.
  6. There are too many people in the hotel this summer and he has somewhere / nowhere to live.