Read the text and answer the questions.

February 14 is a special day of friendship and love. Valentine’s Day has been a special day since long, long ago.

People like to give and receive greeting cards called valentines on that day. Some valentines have poems and some are funny. Some are plain and others are fancy. Valentines are often red because red is the color of the heart.

Red roses and hearts stand for love. Some valentines have little Cupids with wings and arrows. An old story says that Cupid shoots arrows of love into people’s hearts. 

Vocabulary List

special  – особливий                                         

plain – простий

friendship – дружба 

fancy – прикрашений

long ago – давно

heart – серце

receive – одержувати

stand for – означати

greeting card – вітальна листівка

Cupid – Купідон

call – називати

wing – крило

poem – вірш

arrow – стріла

funny – кумедний

story – оповідання

shoot (shot, shot) –  стріляти 

 When is Valentine’s Day?

What do people do on that day?

What do hearts and roses stand for?

When did Valentine’s Day start?

Why does Cupid have arrows?