Valentine’s Day Is a Day of Love

Valentine’s holiday is a day when you show your friend or loved one that you care.

Love is a very strong emotion and we would not be able to live without it.

Love is a great feeling which gives us hope and strength, inspiration and encouragement, it brightens the world around us.

What do you know about Valentine’s Day? Put a tick next to the correct answer.

St. Valentine’s Day is:

  • a holiday when children wear special clothes and go from house to house asking for sweets.
  • a celebration dedicated to the patron saint of England.
  • a public holiday.
  • a national holiday that celebrates the US independence from Great Britain.
  • the day when you send romantic cards to someone you admire or love.
  • the shortest day of the year.
  • the occasion for people to express their love for their mother.
  • a Christian religious holiday that celebrates the death and return to life of Jesus Christ. 

Valentine’s Day is truly fascinating celebration of love and affection. It has its own signs and symbols. Do you know them? Here is a quiz.

  1. It is one of the gods of mythology, represented as a chubby, naked, winged boy with a bow and arrows.
  2. It is the most popular flower in the world. It speaks of love and has been the choice of lovers in every century.
  3. These are birds used as a symbol of “fidelity” because they mate for life.
  4. It is a shape of red color used as a symbol of love.
  5. They are long narrow strips of material used to tie things together or as a decoration.
  6. It is a piece of metal cut into a special shape to fit into a lock where it can be turned to open a door.
  7. They were a favorite decoration that depicted “feminity”. They also represent a symbol of friendship.
  8. It is a long thin stick, pointed at one end that can be used in hunting and shot from a bow.
  9. It is a food made from cocoa and sugar, usually brown and eaten as sweets or used in cakes.
  10. It is a round piece of jewelry worn on a finger as a symbol of fidelity and loyalty.
  11. It is a soft toy representing a large strong animal with thick fur. It makes the most popular toy in the world.
  12. It is something that is given without being asked for, to show friendship and love or to say “thank you”.

Valentines-day3Quiz Time

Valentine’s Day in questions and answers.

  1. What does the word “Cupid” mean in Latin? – The word “Cupid” means “desire” in Latin.
  2. If we rearrange the letters of this word, we get Eros, the god of love. What word is it? – This word is “rose”.
  3. Whose son was Cupid? – In Roman mythology he is the son of Venus, goddess of love.
  4. Clasped hands were a symbol of friendship in the 19th century. What countries did they represent? – They represented Great Britain and Germany because they symbolized Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert.
  5. What should you write in a card if you are shy? – You should write “From your secret admirer.”
  6. Who was the earliest Valentine card sent by? – It was sent by Charles, Duke of Orleans, to his wife in France in 1415.
  7. Where is the first valentine card now preserved? – It is now in the British Museum in London.
  8. Who began to sell the first mass-produced valentines in America in the 1830s? – It was Miss Esther Howland, who decided to make her own valentines and became one of the first successful American career women.
  9. What holiday did the ancient Romans celebrate on February 14? – It was a holiday to honor the Queen of Roman gods and goddesses, Juno, who was known as the Goddess of women and family life.
  10. What happened on 14 February in 270? – St. Valentine was beheaded.
  11. When was the term St. Valentine’s Day first recorded in the secular meaning? – It happened in 1381 in England.
  12. Where can the remains of St. Valentine be seen? – Every Valentine’s Day they may be seen at Whitefriar Street Church in Dublin, Ireland.
  13. What holiday ranks second only to Christmas in number of greeting cards sent? – It is St. Valentine’s Day.
  14. How many Valentine postcards are sent each year? – About 1 billion.
  15. Who buys more Valentine cards? – Women buy more Valentine cards than men. About 85% of all valentines are bought by them.
  16. How much did one of the first career women earn a year in the 1830s in the USA? – Esther Howland earned about a hundred thousand dollars a year, which was not bad for the 1830s.

People have been sending valentine messages to each other for hundreds of years. The sentimental and humorous verses were sent to the people of different professions – sailors, milkmen, hat makers, lonely neighbors, etc.

Write your funny valentine to:

hearts5The President of your country

The mayor of your city

A film star

A pop singer

A pet

Your favorite teacher