Read and speak about American traditions to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day.                         

Festival of Romance and Affection

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th as a festival of romance and affection.  People send greeting cards called “valentines” to their friends, sweethearts, and members of their families.

Many valentines have romantic poems; others are humorous.  But almost all valentines ask “Be My Valentine”.  This may mean be my friend or be my love or be my companion.  Valentines often show a cupid with an arrow.  Cupid, also called Eros, was an ancient Roman  god of love.

Valentine’s Day is not a legal holiday; schools and banks are open as usual.  Merchants sell valentines and decorations for valentine parties and dances.  All the decorations are bright red, and the most popular ones are heart shaped.

Schoolchildren decorate their classrooms with bright red paper hearts and celebrate the day in their classroom.  They also make  valentine cards for their friends and parents.  Red is the color       most often used in valentines because it is a symbol of warmth and feelings.  This is the reason that red roses have long been the symbol of love.  Pink is a mixture of red and white and is quite      commonly used also.  White is the symbol of purity and is a color often used in valentines.  It is believed that the bridal veil may have inspired the use of lace on valentines.

Stores advertise heavily for this holiday since it is traditional for sweethearts, spouses, and members of the family to exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day.  Heart shaped boxes of candy, jewelry and flowers are some of the popular gifts given on this day. Many newspapers carry advertisements or messages placed by people in love.  Both men and women want to let their sweethearts know how much they love them.  On Valentine’s Day, many radio stations play romantic music all day long.  One very famous song is called “My Funny Valentine”.

Valentine’s Day is a day to share loving feelings with friends and family.  It has become traditional for many couples to become engaged on this day.  Also, famous couples are remembered.  Some of them are Romeo and Juliet, Caesar and Cleopatra, among others. This is a happy day because it is specially dedicated to celebrate love, affection and friendship.


Match words with similar meanings.

  1. romance                                     a. boyfriend; girlfriend
  2. affection                                     b. love
  3. humorous                                  c. tenderness; warm feelings
  4. decorate                                     d. make attractive
  5. merchant                                   e. wife or husband
  6. spouse                                        f. emotions
  7. feelings                                      g. funny
  8. companion                                h. celebration
  9. festival                                       i. storekeeper
  10. sweetheart                                j. friend

Cross out the phrases or words that don’t belong.

  1. humorous     serious      funny       light-hearted       comic
  2. affection      a hug       a kiss        holding hands        anger
  3. merchant      customer        salesperson         seller       florist
  4. feelings      love        anger        homework         happiness
  5. companion      a person        a friend        a car       a roommate
  6. festival        a party     a celebration       a funeral      a parade
  7. sweetheart      boyfriend         enemy         wife       husband
  8. spouse      husband        mate       parent       wife
  9. decorations     paper hearts        flowers        pictures       dresses
  10. romance     relationship         affair        love       fight

Select the word that best completes the sentence.

  1. On the classrooms walls there are (celebrations, decorations, festivals).
  2. Valentine(s Day is a celebration of love and (romance, decorations, parents).
  3. Valentine’s cards have messages of (affection, humorous, share).
  4. It is traditional to send flowers to (celebrate, spouses, dedicate) on Valentine’s Day.
  5. On this day people share feelings of affection with friends, family and (flowers, affection, companions).
  6. (Sweethearts, spouses, merchants) decorate their stores with red hearts and cupids on Valentine’s Day.
  7. This is a day to celebrate (feelings, humorous, decorations) of friendship and love.
  8. Some Valentine cards are funny; they have (loving, humorous, romance) messages.
  9. Lupercalia was an ancient Roman (sharing, god, festival).
  10. Many people call people they love (sweethearts, romance, spouse).

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words (change into the past tense as needed).

  1. Romeo and Juliet loved each other very much; but their parents didn’t know it. They had a secret ______________ .
  2. The young man got married. Now he was a ______________ .
  3. Mary likes John very much. She has good ______________  toward him.
  4. The grandmother asked her grandchild to go with her on the trip to Washington. She asked her to be her travelling ______________ .
  5. The high-school students decided to have a large party to celebrate the Spring. It was a beautiful ______________  .
  6. Martin told Helen: “I have warm feelings for you”. He feels ______________  for her.
  7. Everybody laughed when they heard the story. It was very ______________ .
  8. The couple were very much in love. They called each other ______________ .
  9. The owners of the stores formed a group association. It is a group of ______________ .

Select the correct word form to complete each sentence.

Noun  –  romance, festival, humor, decoration, affection.

 Adjective – romantic, festive, humorous, decorated, affectionate.

1.It is a (romance, romantic) poem.

2. The spring party was a (festival, festive) occasion.

3. The TV comedy was full of humor, humorous).

4. The Christmas tree was (decorated, decoration) with colored lights.

5. He wrote a message of (affection, affectionate).

 Match the famous couples.

1.Carmen              8. Tarzan                a. Batsheba             h. Kermit the Frog

2.Adam                 9. Grace Kelly        b. Josephine           i. Prince Rainier

3.Lady Di            10.Rhett Butler        c. Jane                    j. Orpheus

4.Napoleon          11.Cho-Cho-San     d. Eve                     k. Scarlet O’Hara

5.David               12.Sophia Loren      e. Prince Charles    l. Captain Pinkerton

6.John Lennon    13.Euridice              f. Don Jose             m. Carlo Ponti

7.Miss Piggy                                           g.Yoko

Fill in the blanks with words:

name     leaves     pieces     water     appear     window     chant     graveyard     sunrise     rise     future

brave     dream     riser

 Love  Lore

Girls, would you like to know the (1) ___________ of your true love?  If you are (2) ___________, you can go to a (3) ___________ on St.  Valentine’s Eve at midnight, sing a certain (4) ___________ and run around the church twelve times.  This is supposed to make your truelove (5)  ___________. If graveyards are not for you, you can write the names of boys on (6) ___________ of paper, roll the pieces up in bits of clay and place them in (7)  ___________.  The first one to (8) ___________ to the top will have the name of your truelove on it.  If you would like to (9)  ___________ of your truelove, pin five bay (10)  ___________ on your pillow on St. Valentine’s Eve.  If you are an early (11)  ___________, you can get up before (12)  ___________ on Valentine’s Day and stand at your (13)  ___________. The first man that you see, or someone who looks like him, is destined to be your (14)  ___________ husband.

Fill in the blanks with words:

merged             love           forbade       secretly            worship              signed       friends                 authorities               cured           prison             couples             legend         saints              cell

Saint   Valentine

Some (1) ___________ associate Valentine’s Day with one or more (2) ___________ of the early Christian Church.  Over the years the various Valentines (3) ___________ into one.  Many legends have been handed down about St. Valentine. One (4) ___________ says that he (5) ___________ married young (6) ___________ even though the emperor (7) ___________young men to marry.

Another story says Valentine was a Christian who made (8) ___________ with many children. When he was put in (9 ___________ for refusing to (10) the Roman gods, the children tossed (11) ___________ notes into his (12)___________ .

One more legend says that Valentine (13) ___________ the jailor’s daughter of blindness and fell in love with her.  Supposedly, he sent her a letter which he (14) ___________, “From your Valentine”.