Speak about Valentine’s Day celebration in English-speaking countries.

Here is a sample.

  1. I’d like to speak about St. Valentine’s Day which is celebrated on February 14 as a festival of romance and affection in English-speaking countries.
  2. It is a day for sweethearts.
  3. St. Valentine’s Day has ancient roots.
  4. People send greeting cards called “valentines” to their sweethearts, friends, and members of their families.
  5. Many valentines have romantic poems, others are humorous.
  6. But almost all of them ask “Be My Valentine”.
  7. Red is the colour most often used in valentines because it is a symbol of warmth and feelings.
  8. Pink and white colours are often used in valentines too.
  9. Valentine symbols are hearts, roses, ribbons, lace, rings, forget-me-nots.
  10. One of the most famous Valentine symbols is Cupid with his bow and arrow.
  11. Cupid, also called Eros, was an ancient Roman god of love.
  12. The most popular gifts given on this day are heart shaped boxes of candy, flowers and jewelry.
  13. Boys and girls have valentine parties at school or at home.
  14. They decorate their classrooms or home with bright red paper hearts, gold and silver Cupid’s arrows, roses and forget-me-nots.
  15. There is a Valentine box at the Valentine party.
  16. Each boy or girl draws valentines from a box.
  17. On Valentine’s Day many radio stations play romantic music all day long.
  18. St. Valentine’s Day is a happy day because it is specially dedicated to celebrate love, affection and friendship.

Vocabuary List

romance – роман, романтика

affection – прихильність

sweetheart – коханий / кохана

ancient roots – стародавні корені

romantic – романтичний

humorous – гумористичний

symbol – символ

warmth – теплота

feeling – почуття

heart – серце

ribbon – стрічка

lace – мереживо

ring – обручка, перстень

forget-me-not – незабудка

Cupid / Eros – Купідон, Амур

arrow – стріла

bow – лук

gift – подарунок

heart shaped boxes – коробки у вигляді серця

jewelry – ювелірні прикраси

draw – тягти

radio station – радіо станція

specially– спеціально

dedicate – присвячувати