Friends Are Important

Friends and friendship are so important! They cheer you up, share their secrets and keep you company. Our friends are all very different, but that’s what makes them so great!

Friends and Friendship: Important ideas

With my friend I can:

  • share my secrets
  • talk about school, future plans, music, fashion, hobbies and interests
  • never feel bored
  • talk about everything
  • have a good laugh
  • share my troubles and sadness
  • share my joys and achievements

A good friend …

  • is always straight with you
  • helps you when you need it
  • supports you
  • is ready to give you a helping hand
  • will never let you down
  • is the person you can always rely on
  • can keep your secret
  • will help you decide what to do in a difficult situation
  • understands you better than anyone else
  • will always listen to you
  • likes you even when you are not easy to be with
  • is kind, caring, and always there for you
  • makes you feel happy and safe
  • doesn’t hurt your feelings on purpose, and says sorry if he/she does
  • makes your life better
  • is so special
  • is proud of your success
  • is like a treasure

Good friends should:

  • be trustworthy and loyal
  • be open and honest with each other
  • treat each other with kindness and respect
  • listen and talk openly about their thoughts and feelings
  • offer support and a shoulder to cry on during tough times
  • create memorable moments sharing common interests and activities
  • be reliable
  • keep their promises
  • be willing to forgive
  • celebrate each other’s achievements and successes

Good friends shouldn’t:

  • betray each other’s trust
  • be critical or judgmental of each other’s choices and decisions
  • take advantage of each other
  • manipulate the relationship
  • avoid feeling jealous or competitive with each other
  • gossip about each other

My Friend

I am a very sociable person, so I’ve got a lot of friends. We have common interests and we usually spend our spare time together: play volleyball, go to the discos, to the cinema or to the park. But besides I have my best friend, whom I trust, who gives me a hand of help when I need it, and who is proud of my success.

My friend’s name is Alex. We are classmates. He is tall, athletic, with short dark hair and brown eyes. My friend is a very interesting person. He reads a lot and always has an opinion of his own about anything.

Alex isn’t very fond of school and studying, but he is very keen on games. He is fond of football and tennis, but volleyball is his favourite sport. He wants to become a professional player. That’s why he spends a lot of time practicing and trying to improve his game.

Alex is a very reliable person. I can discuss with him everything that worries me. Alex takes things easier than I do and it let me see the other side of the situation.

In fact we have very much in common: similar goals in life, interests and problems. Of course we can have different opinions about things, we often argue but never quarrel.

I appreciate our friendship. I hope we’ll keep our friendship for life.

Proverbs about friends and friendship

  • The best mirrior is an old friend.
  • A good friend is my nearest relation.
  • Love is blind, friendship closes its eyes.
  • Only your real friends tell you when your face is dirty.
  • An honest answer is the sign of true friendship.
  • Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief.
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed.