What food should we eat to be healthy?

Speak about four food groups.

Say some words about your eating habits.

Food for Health

  1. Our diet is what we eat and drink.
  2. There are four food groups.
  3. They are the fruit and vegetable group, the meat group, the bread and cereal group and the milk group.
  4. We need food from each group.
  5. Eat fruit and vegetables four or more times every day.
  6. We need food from the meat group twice a day.
  7. Meat, fish, eggs, chicken, turkey, and nuts are in this group.
  8. This food helps us grow and be strong.
  9. The milk group or dairy products help our bones and teeth stay healthy.
  10. We need two or three cups of milk each day.
  11. Food in the bread and cereal group is made from plants called grains.
  12. Grains give us energy.
  13. We should eat healthful and different food.
  14. We should choose food from the four food groups.
  15. When we are hungry between meals we may have a snack.
  16. We should drink water.