Food Is Important for Our Health

What food is good for our health? Remember the words form the word list “Food for Health” to speak about healthy and unhealthy food.

Level A2

Word List Food for Health

diet – дієта
Diet and exercise are equally important. This diet is full of vitamins. She is on a diet. The best doctors are Doctor Diet, Doctor Quiet, and Doctor Merryman.

grains – зернові
The best-known grains are wheat, barley, oats, rye, rice and maize. Food in the bread and cereal group is made from plants called grains.

mealtime – час прийому їжі
At every mealtime there was food on the table.

snack – перекус
We only had a little snack at lunchtime. The snack bar is open during the day. We stopped at a cafe for a quick snack.

vegetarian – вегетаріанець
This is a vegetarian cafe. She’s been a vegetarian for ten years now. The menu includes a wide selection of vegetarian dishes.

dairy – молочний
I’m allergic to dairy products. What dairy products do you prefer?

keep healthy – зберегти здоров’я
Keep healthy by eating well and exercising regularly.

boiled – варений, кип’ячений
I always have a boiled egg for breakfast. I’ve boiled some potatoes for dinner. Let us reheat the cold boiled water.

fried – смажений
Tuna can be grilled, fried or barbecued. I like fried potatoes.

habit – звичка
Habit is second nature. Getting up early is a very good habit. Do you have healthy eating habits? What bad habits do you have?

takeaway – на винос
There’s a Chinese takeaway in the centre of town. Let’s have a takeaway tonight.

weight – вага
He’s always worrying about his weight. Bananas are usually sold by weight. Do you know your weight?

put on weight – набрати вагу
He has put on weight. She can eat like a horse and never put on weight.

lose weight – втратити вагу, худнути
She is trying to lose weight.  I tried everything to lose weight with no success.

do shopping – купувати
They do shopping online. How often do you do shopping? How many times a week do you do shopping?


It’s well known that women like shopping. But what do they like to buy? They would say, “We love buying clothes”. But what about food and other stuff?

There are products which all families need, such as loaf of bread, bottle of water, box of cereal or tube of toothpaste. But no one is eager to do such shopping.

Sometimes people can eat out or buy a takeaway. But if you want to stay healthy, you should avoid fast food and cook meals at home.

stuff – речі
be eager to do – охоче робити
If you are eager to do something, you want to do it very much.
avoid – уникати

eat out – їсти не вдома
Eat out means have a meal in a restaurant. There were plenty of places to eat out in the city centre. Do you like eating out? I would like to eat out. Will you join me?

foodie – гурман
A foodie is a person with a particular interest in food. Are you a foodie?

doughnut – пончик
Would you care for a doughnut, hot dog or hamburger? Vanilla doughnuts are my favourite.

choice – вибір
The choice of desserts is great here. We all have to make a choice. There is a good choice of dairy products in this supermarket.

teaspoon – чайна ложка
I’d like two teaspoons of sugar in my tea. She used a teaspoon to stir the tea.

tablespoon – столова ложка
Add one tablespoon of water. Give the child one tablespoon of cough mixture twice a day.

Read and discuss the text “Food for Health”. 

Level A2

Different food helps our body in different ways. Some kinds of food help your body grow. Other kinds of food give you energy.

There are four food groups. The fruit and vegetable group is one. The meat group is another. The milk group is the third. The bread and cereal group is the fourth. We need food from each group every day.

Fruit and vegetables keep us healthy. They help our eyes and skin. They are good for our teeth too.

There is more to the meat group than just meat. Fish and eggs are in this food group. Chicken and turkey are in it too. So are nuts and beans. All this food helps you grow and be strong.

Food in the milk group is called dairy products. They help our teeth and bones stay healthy.

Food in the bread and cereal group is made from plants called grains. Grains give us energy.

Sometimes we are hungry between meals. We may have a snack. Food from the four food groups make good snacks.

Our diet is what we eat and drink. To be healthy we should drink enough water and eat different food from the four food groups.

  • What food should we eat to be healthy?
  • Speak about four food groups and food for health.
  • Say some words about your eating habits.

Food for Health

  1. Our diet is what we eat and drink.
  2. There are four food groups.
  3. They are the fruit and vegetable group, the meat group, the bread and cereal group and the milk group.
  4. We need food from each group.
  5. Eat fruit and vegetables four or more times every day.
  6. We need food from the meat group twice a day.
  7. Meat, fish, eggs, chicken, turkey, and nuts are in this group.
  8. This food helps us grow and be strong.
  9. The milk group or dairy products help our bones and teeth stay healthy.
  10. We need two or three cups of milk each day.
  11. Food in the bread and cereal group is made from plants called grains.
  12. Grains give us energy.
  13. We should eat healthful and different food.
  14. We should choose food from the four food groups.
  15. When we are hungry between meals we may have a snack.
  16. We should drink enough water.
  17. Eat well and live well.


Partitives are words or phrases used to refer to part of something. In other words a partial quantity.

Learn some of the partitives:

  • a bar of chocolate – плитка шоколаду
  • a can of cola – банка коли
  • a packet of crisps – пачка чіпсів
  • a loaf of bread – буханець хліба
  • a bottle of water – пляшка води
  • a pack of pasta – пачка макаронів
  • a bag of flour – мішок борошна
  • a tube of toothpaste – тюбик зубної пасти
  • a glass of milk – стакан молока
  • a cup of tea – чашка чаю
  • a pack of eggs – пачка яєць
  • a jar of honey – баночка меду
  • a grain of rice – рисове зерно
  • a scoop of ice cream – кулька морозива
  • a clove of garlic – зубчик часнику
  • a piece of furniture – предмет меблів
  • an ear of corn – кукурудзяний качан
  • a lump of sugar – грудочка цукру
  • a piece of paper – папірець
  • a spoonful of sugar – ложка цукру
  • a bowl of soup – миска супу
  • a plate of pasta – тарілка макаронів
  • a pinch of salt – щіпка солі
  • a jug of lemonade – глечик лимонаду
  • a box of cereal – коробка крупи
  • a slice of cheese – скибочка сиру
  • a bunch of bananas – пучок бананів
  • a bunch of flowers – букет квітів
  • a drop of water – крапля води
  • a piece of advice – порада