My Mum

Our family is big: mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, and my younger brother. I have got many relatives on the sides of my parents: aunts, uncles, cousins.

I`d like to tell you some words about the person I admire. This is my mum Liuda. I admire her and would like to resemble her.

The first thing I`d like to mention about mum is that she`s a very attractive young lady. She is not tall, dark-haired and green-eyed women.

She is a very optimistic person: whatever the situation is, she always keeps smiling.

Moreover, her optimism helps those who surround her never lose hope.

Mum is also very helpful. She is always ready to support people in different situations and give them some useful pieces of advice how to solve a problem, or how to act in this or that situation.

Mum is very persistent, enthusiastic and hard-working.

She works as a lab assistant at the creamery. Her job involves checking the quality of cheese. Mum is always tolerant, polite and tactful with colleagues.

My mum is a wonderful wife and a caring mother of two kids. She always tries to spend much time with her family and never puts work on the first place.

My mum’s hobbies are cooking and watching soap operas. I should say she is a great cook.  I adore her pizza.

I wish I could be the same person as my mum is. I’d like to have at least the most positive features of character she possesses.