Imagine that you are going to have your birthday party.

Write a message to our friend:

  • invite him / her
  • say the time and the date of the party
  • inform where the party will take place and what you are going to do
  • say that you’ll be happy to see your friend at the party.



Hello Karina,

I want to invite you to my Birthday party.

My Birthday party will be on the 17-th of July, at 3 o’clock.

I want to celebrate my  birthday in “Suziria” café.

My birthday party will be a “Unicorn Party” because I love these magical animals.

Pink_UnicornYou have to come to my birthday in a pink dress.

We are going to play games, have contests and have fun.

We are going to eat pizza and sweets.

We are going to drink milkshakes and tea.

I’ll be so happy if you come.

I look forward to your answer.

R. S. V. P.