Yesterday my class and I went to Kyiv. We left school at eleven o’clock. My mother and brother went with my class too. I took my Ipad so I could play some games on the way to Kyiv. It took us three hours to get to the factory of Christmas decorations ‘‘Klavdiyevo”. By the way, it is the oldest Christmas decoration factory in Ukraine.

Our guide showed us around the factory. We saw how the glass baubles are made. It is a very interesting process. People heat glass and blow out baubles like soap bubbles. We enjoyed this process. After that the glassballs are painted inside. It’s called silvering. Then different pictures are painted on the baubles.

After that, we visited the museum of glass balls. There were decorations from different countries. After the excursion we painted our own balls. We were given balls with a dog on them. We coloured them and we allowed to take them as souvenirs.

Next, we went to the shop where Christmas balls were sold. They were very expensive. I bought a decoration that cost 60 hryvnias.


We visited McDonald’s just as usual where I bought some french fries, a double cheeseburger, a glass of Coca-Cola and some cheese sauce. The food was very delicious.

We arrived late in the evening.

It was an interesting, educational and memorable trip.