Speak About Electrical Appliences at Home

There are some things which make our everyday home life easier.

They are called the electrical household goods or the electrical appliances.

What electrical appliances have you got in your home and how do you use them?

Student’s Project

Electrical appliances at home are very important things in our life. We use them every day. In our family there are a lot of electrical appliances.

We have a washing machine to wash clothes. Washing clothes is mum’s duty but I can do it too. It isn’t difficult.

We have a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor and carpets. I do the vacuuming, it is my duty.

We have a coffee blender. It is very useful because my granny, uncle and father love drinking coffee in the morning. Sometimes I drink coffee too.

We have a phone. It is the most used thing in our family. My mother and granny are real champions. They can speak with their friends and relatives for hours! And I also can speak a lot of time on the phone with my best friend Ira.

The main appliances in our kitchen are a fridge and a freezer which we use to keep food fresh longer. They are very useful.

We have a bread maker. My granny can bake very tasty bread and it smells so delicious.

We have a microwave oven to heat and cook food. I always make hot sandwiches with cheese and sausage, they are very tasty.

We have a TV to watch programmes. I always watch films and cartoons. My favourite cartoon is Lady Bug and Cat Noir.

We have a mixer to mix some ingredients. We always use it when we make a cake or pancakes, they are so yummy.

We have a computer and a laptop and we use them in different ways: to surf the Net and to find some interesting information, to play computer games, to do homework, to type texts, to make presentations, and to print documents and reports.

I have an Ipad. It is a small computer that you can take with you everywhere. My brother has an iPad too but it is broken.

We have a food dryer to dry fruits. My mum and granny usually dry plums, pears and apples.

We have a hairdryer but only my mum dries her hair with it because she is always busy and in a hurry.

We have a juice squeezer to make juice. I adore fresh juice, especially tomato and carrot juice, they are my favourite ones.

In conclusion, I want to say that all electrical appliances at home are great inventions and they make our lives easier, more comfortable and save lots of time on doing chores.