Would you like to know how Diana cooked her first soup? Then read and if you like the recipe you may cook it yourself.


Some days ago I cooked my first soup and I’d like to share my experience with you.

I took all the ingredients that I needed.

At first, I peeled and cut an onion, some garlic, some potatoes and a carrot.

Then I poured some water into the saucepan and added the chopped onion.

After some minutes I added potatoes and carrot. It’s great that my granny has some sweet pepper in the freezer. I also added it. 

In 5 minutes I put a bay leaf, some squeezed garlic, some pieces of stewed meat and some dill into my soup. Oh, it smelled so delecious! 


I treated my granny to a bowl of my soup. My granny and I think that it was very delicious.

Next time I’ll try a new recipe.