How do you use your mobile phone?



Have you got a mobile phone?

  • Yes, I have got a mobile phone. It’s my birthday present. It’s a smart phone Asus.

How do you use it?

  • I phone my family and friends. I take photos, surf the internet, play games, send and get text messages, listen to music. I’ve got earphones and I like listening to music on my way home or in the evening when I have some free time.

What about your mum or dad?

  • My mum and my dad have got smart mobile phones too. They use them for communication and surfing the net. They take lots of pictures and they like social networking.

How many text messages do you send every day?

  • I send lots of text messages every day.  Our form teacher made a group in Viber and my classmates and parents chat there.

Is it necessary for 11-year-old kids to have mobile phones? Why?

  • I think it is necessary for children of my age to have a mobile phone, because it is good for their safety, it’s useful in their studies, it helps to keep in touch with friends, and have fun to use in their free time.