Last week I went to Kyiv with my friend`s class.

First, we got up at six o`clock. It’s too early. We had breakfast and got dressed.

Then we went to school where the bus waited for us.


On the way to Kyiv we watched films on my friend’s Ipad and listened to music. We watched 2 films “Holiday” and “VIP Society”. The film “Holiday” was about a family who went on holiday and had the worst holiday ever. The film “VIP Society” was about teenagers who stole the Hollywood stars. 

Time passed quickly and in two hours we arrived in Kyiv.

First of all, we went to the skating rink in one of Kyiv malls. We had a great time there though I skated not very well and my friend had an accident having fallen on the ice.


Secondly, we went to an aquapark. There were a lot of interesting things for entertainment, like slides, zacuzzi and pools. We enjoyed ourselves for four hours I had a fantastic time.

After that we wentto McDonald’s and had our dinner.

Finally, we went home. On the way home we also watched films. We watched “Cinderella. New Story”. This film is a modern version of a famous fairy tale.


We arrived at home at 8 p.m . 

We had a fantastic day.