Doing household chores is an essential part of our daily routine.

What’s your attitude to householding duties?


I’m sure you agree that doing household chores is a necessary part of our life. Everybody is happy when their home is bright and clean.



Each member of our family has a householding duty.

My mother is the busiest person in the householding chores.She does the cooking, the ironing, and the washing up.

I try  to be a helping hand for her. I have a lot of duties. I think that doing my household chores is fun. I always make my bed and tidy up the rooms in our house. I cope with all chores well.

 I air the room and do the ironing every day. I often do the cooking and the washing up. I love cooking and trying new recipes.


I usually do the shopping. I seldom walk and feed our dogs.

I sometimes vacuum the carpet and fix things. My father fixes things, feeds and walks the dogs, and he often does the shopping.

In my opinion doing some chores, makes me feel fine.