One of the most favourite after school activities are school trips. Tell about yours.

A few days ago my class and I went to a trip to Kyiv. My form teacher organized this trip. I was very happy that my friend Ira could join us.


On the eve of the trip we downloaded some films and popular music on my Ipad. When the day of our trip came we packed our bags and went to school where the coach waited for us.  On the way to Kyiv Ira I watched two films and listened to music.


The first place to visit was Dream Town where went to the skating rink. I can’t skate so I fell and hurt my arm badly. It wasn’t very serious but it hurt. Ira was luckier than I and enjoyed skating. She took a lot of photos.

After that we enjoyed ourselves in an aquapark. We slid on water slides and swam in the pool. It was fun and my arm was much better.


Later we had lunch at McDonald’s. I bought a hamburger, French-fries and some sauce.

Finally, we went home. We watched films again and ate the food we bought at McDonald’s.

It was an amazing trip despite an unpleasant accident at the skating rink.