Hello! I want to tell you about our school trip to Cherkasy.

I looked forward to this trip.


At first, we went to the TV studio of “Ros” Channel. We saw how they made a TV show “Good morning Cherkashchyna’’. We learned about the work of a cameraman and presenters. Then, one of the presenters showed  us around and we saw their staff were busy with. I enjoyed our visit very much, but I don’t want to work for a TV channel in the future.

After that we went to the local history museum. We chose a war topic. The museum was interesting, but the voice of the guide was unpleasant and I felt bored.


Next, we went to a café, because we were hungry. We ate some borshch, salad, mashed potatoes, buns and stewed fruit. All food was tasty, but the stewed fruit was yucky and smelt like rubber boots. Having eaten and gained strength we went to the bowling. My friend and I got the biggest points. He had 100 and I got 102 points.

Last, but not least we went to the cinema. I bought medium popcorn. The title of the film was “Geostorm”. It was interesting and I was impressed by the plot and special effects.


Later we went to McDonald’s and bought Happy Meal.

Finally, we went home.

The trip was fantastic and I liked it very much.