Will you please write about yourself.


My name is Ira and my surname is Makarenko.

I am a teenager, I’m 13 years old.

I was born in 2004 and my birthday is on the 18th of June.

I am from Ukraine and I’m proud to be Ukrainian.

I live in Kaniv, a small town on the Dnipro River. My hometown is situated in the centre of Ukraine. It is a very beautiful and quiet town.

My family is big. I have got mother, father, grandma, grandpa, and a younger brother. I love my brother and often look after him but sometimes he is a real pain in the neck.

I am in the 8th form. I study in Kaniv secondary school number 6 specializing in learning foreign languages. This year we study lots of interesting subjects such as English, Algebra, Geometry, IT, Art, German, Ukrainian, Ukrainian literature, World literature, History and some others.  

My favourite subject is English. I attend extra English classes and I think they do me a lot of good. I’m fond of learning English and I’d like to be a teacher of English in the future. I’d like to improve my grammar and spelling.


I use the Internet to learn English. I visit websites and read interesting articles and stories and post essays sometimes.

My least favourite subjects are Algebra, Geometry, and Physics. 

After school I attend the school choir where we sing beautiful songs. We often take part in different concerts, contests and performances.

I’m not interested in sport but I like playing volleyball.

In my free time I am keen on watching TV and listening to music. I often download my favourite songs on my mobile phone.

I’ve got lots of friends. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and chatting with them on the internet.

I’m crazy about spending holidays at the seaside.

I think I’m a kind, helpful and responsible person.