Write a profile of a member of your family.

Describe the person and talk about his/her likes and dislikes.

Say why you like this person.

Write 80 – 100 words.


I want to write a profile of my mum. Her name is Sveta. She is from Ukraine and she is Ukrainian. Her native town is Kaniv. She was born in Kaniv and has lived here since her childhood.

She is medium height and slim. She has got beautiful big green eyes. She is a kind, hardworking and confident person. She is fond of travelling. She is interested in pedagogics. In her free time she likes watching TV and cooking. She is into growing flowers. She isn’t a sporty person, but she likes swimming in summer. She works in a kindergarten and loves her job. I think she is a good teacher and children love her very much.

I love my mum very much and I’d like to be as responsible and organized as she is.