Write about yourself.

Use the plan:

  • name, age and form
  • family
  • home and room
  • hometown and school
  • likes and dislikes
  • the best friend



My name is Liza. I am 11 years old. I am in the sixth form.

I have a family. My family is not big. We are four: mother, father, my younger sister and me.

We live in a flat. I share my room with my younger sister. We have ot bunk beds. I am on the top bed and she has got the bottom one. My sister is sometimes a real pain in the neck but usually she is a nice girl.

I like playing computer games but I dislike reading books. I’m fond of dancing and I’m interested in learning English.

I live in Kanev. Kaniv is a small town. My hometown is in the center of Ukraine. There are some supermarkets,  six schools, some cafes and lot of shops in my hometown. In Kaniv there are some churches, museums and parks.

I study at school number 4.  There are 31 students in my class. In our classroom we have got lots of desks, chairs, bookshelves and a green board but we haven’t got a white board. We have a lot of lessons, such as Maths, Ukrainian, English, Ukrainian Literature, World Literature, German, Health, Ethics, IT, PE, Music, History, Biology, Geography, Craft and Art. My favourite subjects are English, German and Maths. I hate Ethics and World Literature.

I think I am kind, serious, talented, creative and attentive but lazy sometimes.

I have got a lot of friends. My best friend’s name is Yulia. She is 11 years old. She doesn’t like reading books but she is fond of playing with her friends and she is keen on playing computer games. She always travels with her parents.