Speak about the career you would like to follow.

Mention what you know about it and why it attracts you.

Choosing a career is not easy because you should consider your interests, natural abilities and skills.I’d like to share my career plans.

In the future, I may enjoy being a biologist because I am keen on studying living organisms.

I think the profession of a biologist is very exciting because he or she studies humans, animals, plants and bacteria and their relationship to the environment.

I am recommended to be a biologist because I am good at this subject.

It would be great to specialize in biotechnology or ecology, immunology or microbiology.

I’d like to apply for a university in Ukraine.

I think my future profession is interesting and important for our society.

I want to combine a good satisfying job with a high paying salary.

As for me, critical thinking and teamwork skills are important for all professions.

I am sure I will reach my goal if I keep working hard.