Who is your favourite teacher and why?

My favourite teacher is Irina Illivna. She teaches me English. She is fair, kind, nice, pleasant, caring and organized. At the lessons we learn new words   and write dictations, read and retell texts and do lots of grammar exercises. We learn lots of interesting facts about people and their traditions, about nature and its protection, about countries and cities, travelling and hobbies. I learnt to make presentations in Enlish. My teacher often asks me to write essays, articles and reports. I learnt to type texts in Enlish. I’m so happy that the texts that I have written I can see on  Irina Illivna’s website. I’ve got my own page there.

I’m very thankful for her that she finds time to teach me. She gives me important knowledge that I will use in my future.  I think that thanks to her I’m into Enlish. Learning English is my favourite free time activity.


Diana, thank you for your appreciation.

I’m happy to get A+ from you.

I try to do my best to be helpful and encouraging.