What did you do at your summer holidays?

Summer_HolidayWhat places have you visited?

What people have you met?


My last summer holidays were amazing! I’d like to tell about them.

In June I was in an English speaking camp at our school. It was great! Firstly, I have learnt a lot of interesting facts about English-speaking countries. Secondly, we went to the city of Cherkasy for an excursion. We were at the cinema and we went to the bowling at the mall. Thirdly, we climbed one of the Kaniv hills and after that had a barbecue at its foot. What is more, we went to the Royal Well. Last but not least, I celebrated my birthday in June and I brought ice-creams for all our team in the camp. It was fantastic and I keep wonderful memories.


In July my brother and I went to the rest camp  ’’Sosnova Poliana”. We lived in comfortable wooden cabins. I lived with three more girls. We were quite different but we became good friends. Every day at the camp was very busy. We went to to the river beach and to the meadow, took part in different contests and activities. Those were the best three weeks in my life.

In August my granny and I went to the city of Dniprodzerzhinsk in the south-east of Ukraine. We stayed at my granny’s cousin for a week. I have known more about my granny’s city. I saw lots of sights and took a lot of photos. I met a lot of relatives and was greatly surprised to have such a big family!


I had the best summer holidays ever!