Holidays make our lives more interesting and exciting.

Practice to speak about holidays in Ukraine.

You can share this information with your foreign friends.

Level A 1 +

Holidays in Ukraine

  1. I live in Ukraine.
  2. We celebrate many holidays in our country.
  3. There are traditional and public holidays in Ukraine.
  4. Public holidays are Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Easter, the Constitution Day, Independence Day and Women’s Day.
  5. The traditional holidays are St. Nicholas’s Day, St. Valentine’s Day, Humour Day, the Day of Knowledge, Teacher’s Day and others.
  6. My favourite holidays are __________________________________________________
  7. All holidays are the days which make everybody happy.
  8. Celebrating is my joy.
  9. I love greeting guests at my home.
  10. I like helping mum to cook tasty things.
  11. I am fond of making presents and surprises.