Youth Day is held in Ukraine every year on the last Sunday of June

with a series of events for young people.


Youth policy is actively implemented in Ukraine. There are a number of youth organizations and unions, that influence on life of youth on local and national level. These organizations deal with problems of modern youth and help young generation to improve itself in fields of sports, education and creativeness.

Youth of Ukraine love this holiday. Young people celebrate Youth Day and enjoy free music concerts and other festive activities organized in many cities. They receive congratulations from authorities, including the president of the state. However, the younger generation doesn’t forget, that this day is not only an excuse to have fun, but also an occasion to reflect on the best way of realization of own potential as well as a good day to do something useful for themselves and development of their country.


Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Charitable Foundation was founded to encourage and promote new generation of professional, patriotic, tolerant Ukrainians who care about common values and goods, who are proactive in social and political life of the country and who can cooperate with each other. These young Ukrainians will form a critical mass of people capable of transforming Ukraine in the future.

The foundation has initiated the following projects:

  • the program Young Generation Will Change Ukraine,
  • Bohdan Hawrylyshyn School on Policy-Making and Development of Civil Society
  • Local Council Deputies School
  • Ukrainian Youth Delegate to the United Nations