I like June a lot.

The weather in June is often hot.

June is a month of fun!

You can swim and run.

 I can wear shirts,

Flip-flops and T-shirts.

In this month I celebrate my birthday.

I eat delicious food and play the whole day.

 June is the month of fruit,

We can taste strawberries,

wild strawberries and a sweet grapefruit.

I like June a lot!

What about you? Do you like it or not?



June is my favourite month,

You mustn’t do any tasks.

No homework, no work,

So you can play and talk.

Summer time is the best,

You can swim and rest.

Don’t sit in your room.

Look out of the window,

The flowers are in bloom.

You may go to the English camp

And become a quiz champ.

You can eat a lot of fruit,

Strawberries and gooseberries taste very good!

I like summer a lot.

What about you? Do you like it or not?