busWill you please tell about your last school trip?

Last month my class and I had a trip to Kyiv.

My day started not very early. I got up at 8 o’clock. I had breakfast and then I went to the bus station. There was my schoolteacher at the bus and she greeted the coming pupils.

Then we got on the bus and had a long trip.  We arrived in Kyiv in two hours. In the bus, I listened to music on my telephone.

At first, we went to the circus. It was amazing. There were cool light effects. There were many interesting performances. Especially, I liked the tricks of a magician.


Next, we went to the museum of Chernobyl. It was very interesting. There were lots of cool things. There were some things from Chernobyl. 

After that, we went to McDonald’s. I bought Happy Meal and a burger.


Finally, we went home. We shared our opinions and laughed a lot.

I enjoyed this trip. We had a fantastic time.