Write an article about an animal


The animals in this photo are orcas or killer whales.

Orcas are called ‘’Killer Whales’’ because they eat dolphins and smaller whales, not because they kill people.The killer whale is not a fish. It is not a whale. It is in fact a dolphin.

Killer whales are one of the fastest creatures in the sea. They swim 30 miles per hour. Killer whales can be found in all the oceans of the world, in both warm and cold waters.

Every killer whale has a mark behind its dorsal fin that is unique. Killer whales are carnivores. They eat fish, white sharks and rays, squid, crabs, lobsters, seals, sea lions, dugongs, sea birds, penguins, sea turtles and of course, whales, including baby sperm whales and baby blue whales.

Orcas hunt in groups. They are very social animals. They live in groups called pods. Members of a pod travel, hunt and sleep together. They help each other.


Killer whales cannot smell, but they can hear better than dogs and even bats. Killer whales have their own language. They communicate with each other. Each pod has its own unique ‘accent.’

Orcas are very social, intelligent, and curios. Female killer whales carry their young for 17 months.

Killer whales live a long time, over ninety years. The oldest killer whale  was 103.

Orcas can sleep with one eye open.

Some orcas are in danger of extinction because there is pollution in the sea and ocean. They also die in fishing nets.  I think it is important to protect these animals.