London, the Capital of the United Kingdom

Do you remember what the most famous bridge in London is and where the British Queen lives in London? If you forgot, let’s revise and learn to speak about London the United Kingdom capital.

Year 6 Level A2

Read and speak about London the United Kingdom capital.

  1. London is the capital of the United Kingdom.
  2. It is one of the most famous cities in the world.
  3. More than 7 million people live in London and more than 20 million tourists visit it every year.
  4. London is famous for its beautiful historical monuments, museums, galleries, theatres, shops, etc.
  5. The UK  is a monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II was on the throne for seventy years. She died on the eighth of September 2022 and her eldest son became the King.  Now King Charles III is the King of the UK.
  6. The British monarch lives in Buckingham Palace.
  7. The Houses of Parliament are the centre of the British government.
  8. The Clock Tower and Big Ben are famous all over the world.
  9. Trafalgar Square is the main square of Central London. It’s popular with tourists.
  10. There are two fountains in the square.
  11. There is Nelson Column in the square. There are four lions at the bottom of the column.
  12. The National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery are in Trafalgar Square.
  13. The most famous park in London is Hyde Park.
  14. At weekends anyone can speak about anything at Speaker’s Corner.
  15. The Tower of London has a very interesting past.
  16. It was a royal palace and a prison. Now it is a museum. You can see the Crown Jewels there.
  17. Queen Elizabeth’s favourite summer home was Windsor Castle. It’s outside London.
  18. When the Queen was at home, the flag flew from the Round Tower.
  19. Tower Bridge opens for the big ships to pass.
  20. St. Paul’s Cathedral is the biggest church in London. The cathedral is famous for its Whispering Gallery.
  21. Westminster Abbey is a very beautiful royal church. It is more than 900 years old.
  22. Kings and queens of Great Britain are crowned, married  and burried there.
  23. There are tombs of many famous people in the Abbey. There’s a Poet’s Corner in the Abbey.
  24. The British Museum is famous for its collection of works of art.
  25. It has got collections of art from Egypt, Greece and ancient Rome. It also has other masterpieces.
  26. There is a big library in the British Museum.
  27. London is a fantastic place to visit!

Word List “London the United Kingdom Capital”

monarchy – монархія
The UK is a monarchy which means that it has a queen or king.

at the bottom of – внизу
At the bottom of Admiral Nelson’s Column stand four lions.

Crown Jewels – Коштовності Корони
You can see the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London.

to crown – коронувати
Kings and queens of Great Britain are crowned in Westminster Abbey.

be buried – бути похованим
Taras Shevchenko was buried on Tarasova Hill.

masterpiece – шедевр
The British museum has many masterpieces.

century – століття
The Golden Gates were built in the eleventh century.

castle – замок
The Queen’s favourite summer home was Windsor Castle.

cathedral – собор
The golden domes of St. Sophia Cathedral shine in the sun.

sight – вид
There are lots of beautiful sights in Kyiv.

population – населення
What’s the population of Kyiv?

place of interest – визначне місце
What are the main places of interest in Kyiv?

double-decker – двоповерховий автобус
Red double-deckers have become the symbol of London.

sightseeing tour – оглядова екскурсія
Have you ever been on a sightseeing tour?

tourist guide – гід, екскурсовод
The tourist guide told us lots of interesting facts about the main sights of London.

travel agent – туристичний агент, туроператор
The travel agent helped us to choose a tour round Europe.

leaflet – листівка
What kind of information can you read in a leaflet?

wax figure – воскова фігура
You can see life-size wax figures of famous people in Madame Tussaud’s Museum.

imaginary – уявний
Do you like imaginary travelling to some places?

due to – завдяки
There are many museums in Great Britain and due to them we can learn more about the history of our country.

recently – недавно
What places of interest have you seen recently?

fascinating – захоплюючий, чарівний
The view from Tarasova Hill is fascinating.

London is the Capital of Great Britain

Hello dear tourists! My name is John and I’ll be your tourist guide on our double-decker. Today we are going to go sightseeing in the capital of Great Britain. London has lots of beautiful sights and places of interest so get ready to look and listen.

Have a look please, you can see the River Thames under the Tower Bridge. Look to the left, here you can see the Tower of London. And there is Saint Paul’s Cathedral. In a minute, we’ll be in Trafalgar Square and that will be our last stop.