Tell about your native town.


  1. I live in Kaniv.
  2. It is a small town in the central part of Ukraine.
  3. Our town is old, green and beautiful.
  4. It is more than 900 years old.
  5. Kaniv stands on the Dnipro River, the biggest river in Ukraine.
  6. There is a hydroelectric power station on the River Dnipro.
  7. Come and see the old church in Soborna Square.
  8. It is Uspensky Cathedral.
  9. There is a museum of decorative folk art in front of Uspensky Cathedral.
  10. There are lots of beautiful things to see there.
  11. In Soborna Square there is Gaidar Library –Museum.
  12. There are lots of interesting books for children there.
  13. Come and see the famous Shevchenko Museum on Tarasova Hill.
  14. There are a lot of beautiful paintings there.
  15. There is Shevchenko grave on Tarasova Hill.
  16. There is a museum of military equipment in Energetykiv Street.
  17. There are many shops and cafes in our town.
  18. There are some nice hotels to stay in.
  19. Welcome to my native town!


hydroelectric power station – гідроелектростанція

a museum of decorative folk art – музей декоративно-прикладного мистецтва

paintings – картини

grave – могила

a museum of military equipment – музей військової техніки