Speak about your native country.

Level A 2

My Motherland, Ukraine

  1. I am from Ukraine.
  2. I would like to tell you about my country.
  3. My Motherland Ukraine is in the centre of Europe.
  4. It is a large country.
  5. Its territory is 603.7 thousand square kilometers.
  6. Ukraine has got a long history.
  7. Its territory was a part of Kyiv Rus, – a powerful state hundreds of years ago.
  8. Today Ukraine is an independent country.
  9. The 24th of August is the Independence Day in Ukraine.
  10. Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine.
  11. It is very beautiful.
  12. Ukrainians live in big cities, small towns and villages.
  13. Ukraine is a wonderful country with beautiful nature, talented, hard-working generous and friendly people.
  14. Ukrainian people have their own language, culture, customs and traditions.
  15. Ukraine has got rich soils, large forests of fir trees, oak trees, birch trees and beech trees.
  16. The symbol of Ukraine is a guelder rose.
  17. The colours of our National Flag are blue and yellow.
  18. They symbolize Ukraine’s golden fields of grain under blue skies.
  19. The Trident is the national Coat of Arms.
  20. The Ukrainian Anthem is the song by Pavlo Chubynsky and Mykhailo Verbytsky.
  21. Many tourists from other countries visit my Motherland Ukraine every year.
  22. They spend their holidays, learn about the history and culture of the Ukrainian people.
  23. Foreign tourists enjoy their visit to Ukraine.


Motherland – батьківщина

I would like to tell you about … – Я б хотів розказати вам про …

centre – центр

Europe – Європа

territory – територія

square kilometer – квадратний кілометр

powerful – сильний, могутній

state – держава

independent – незалежний

Independence Day – День Незалежності

ancient – стародавній

wonderful – чудовий

talented – талановитий

hard-working – працьовитий

generous – щедрий

friendly – дружній

symbolize – символізувати

golden – золотий

field – поле

grain – зерно

own – власний

soil – земля, грунт

fir tree – ялина

oak tree – дуб

birch tree – береза

beech tree – бук

guelder rose – калина

trident – тризуб

Coat of Arms – герб

anthem – гімн

foreign – іноземний