Learn to speak about Kyiv the capital of Ukraine

Level A1+ / A2

How many times have you been to Kyiv the capital of Ukraine?

What are your favourite places of interest there?

Speak about Kyiv the Capital of Ukraine

  1. The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv.
  2. It is an ancient and beautiful city.
  3. According to the legend the founders of Kyiv were three brothers Kyi, Schek, Khoriv and their sister Lybid.
  4. The city took its name after the eldest brother Kyi.
  5. Kyiv is situated on the Dnipro River.
  6. More than three million people live in Kyiv.
  7. The streets of Kyiv are wide and nice.
  8. They are lined up with chestnut trees, lime trees and poplars.
  9. A chestnut is a symbol of Kyiv.
  10. The main street of the capital is Khreshchatyk Street.
  11. Kyiv is the political, economic, scientific, industrial and cultural center of Ukraine.
  12. There are many museums, art galleries, concert halls, theatres and cinemas in Kyiv.
  13. St. Sophia Cathedral, Kyiv Pecherska Lavra, the Golden Gate and many other places are popular with tourists.
  14. You can travel around the city by buses, trolley-buses, trams, cars and an underground.
  15. There is a railway station, an airport and a river port in Kyiv.
  16. Ukrainians are proud of their capital.

Check whether you know these words:

be famous for – бути відомим чимось

a famous centre of culture – відомий центр культури

be proud of – пишатися

We are proud of our town. – Ми пишаємось нашим містом.

according to the legend – згідно з легендою

chestnut tree – каштан

founder – засновник

main – головний

wide – широкий

are lined up – обсаджені

lime tree – липа

poplar – тополя

political – політичний

economic – економічний

scientific – науковий

industrial – промисловий

cultural – культурний

cathedral – собор

the Golden Gate – Золоті Ворота

railway station – залізничний вокзал

an airport – аеропорт