mom-cardI want to tell you some words about my mother because she is the dearest person in my life.

My mother’s name is Natalia. First of all, I’d like to say some words about her appearance. She is a good-looking woman of 42. She is tall, thin with short brown hair, beautiful green eyes and a nice, kind, pleasant smile.

Secondly, a few words about her birthplace. My mother’s hometown is Kaniv. She spent her childhood and adolescence here. She studied at school number 4 and was one of the most brilliant students. She was very sporty and took an active part in school life. My mum was an active participant of various contests and competitions.

Thirdly, I’d like to mention that she followed her father in the carrier of a teacher. He was a teacher of Maths but my mum is a teacher at a primary school. She adores working with little kids, it’s just her cup of tea. I think she has climbed the ladder of success being a head teacher.

In addition, being sociable and cheerful my mum has a lot of friends. She is fond of communicating with people and is treated with respect among her colleagues.

Moreover, she finds time to do most of the housework: cooking, cleaning and washing. My mother is fond of gardening. She is a lover of growing flowers. She is also crazy about cooking.

In my opinion, my mum is demanding to herself and to others. She loves order in everything. My mommy is a reliable person so I can trust her all my secrets and she always helps me in troubles.

As far as her traits of character, she is kind, helpful, honest, trustful, friendly, patient, hard-working, wise and gentle. She dislikes angry, lazy people, liars, traitors and villains.

Frankly speaking, I’m proud of my mum and I love her very much.

I would really like to see my mother always happy and cheerful.

I try to please her every day.


In conclusion, I’d like to say that my mum has influenced my life most of all and I wish to be like her.