Do you like animals?

What are your favourite animals? Tell about them, please.

Have you got a pet?

I like animals. I like dogs, foxes, bears, squirrels and rabbits.

But my favourite animas are cats because they are so soft and lovely.

Cats are  not very big animals. There are lots of different cats. They may  be white, red, black and grey. Their fur is very beautiful.

Cats are friendly.

Cats and dogs are the most popular pets.

Cats are good hunters. They catch mice, birds and insects. They see well in the dark. Cats can run, jump and climb the trees. They are intelligent animals.

I have got two cats. Briz and Margo. I’m fond of playing with my cats. My cats love eating fish and drinking milk. Margo is very curious. She’s got big yellow eyes. Briz is a Sphinx, he is very fast.

I am crazy about cats and I like reading about them.