What can you tell about newspapers and magazines in Ukraine?


Millions of people all over the world read newspapers and magazines. They play an important role in life of any nation.

More than 3,000 newspapers and 1,500 magazines are published in Ukraine.

The main national newspapers are Holos Ukrainy, Pravda Ukrainy, Silski Visti etc. Very popular newspapers are Fakty, Dzerkalo Tyzhnya and some others.

Among the popular magazines are Berehynya, Diloviy Visnnyk, Korespondent, Lyudyna I Svit etc.

There are magazines and periodicals for many trades, professions and interests. They can print interesting facts about anyone and anything: the army, officials, private individuals, politics and so on.

There are many local editions, too.

Newspapers can be of daily or weekly publication. Magazines are usually monthlies. They vary in contents, size and appeal to different kinds of readers.