Dear Ira,

How are you? Thanks a lot for your letter. It was interesting for me to know about your hobbies and interests.

Today I want to tell you about my school. My school isn’t in the center of our town but it is near my house. It takes me only 5 minutes to get to school. There are some trees and flowers around our school. There is a big stadium behind our school. There is a playground for junior pupils. We always clean the territory around our school.

We study a lot of subjects at school. Some of them are interesting and some are really boring.

My favourite subject is English. I’m good at it. English is my favorite lesson because I hope to use it in my future job. My favorite activities at the English lessons are doing projects, reading, speaking and writing.


The subject I don’t like is History. As for me it is boring. And we need to remember a lot of dates.

What about you? What are your most and least favourite lessons?

It would be great to hear from you soon.

Say hello to your family.