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How We Kept Mother’s Day

 leacock Stephen Leacock

Choose the best answer to the questions

  • Why did the family decide to have a special celebration of Mother’s Day?

    A. Mother had done much for a family for years.
    B. They wanted to have a celebration.
    C. They wanted to stay at home from office, High School and college classes.
    D. Mother asked she wanted to organize a holiday.

  • How did they organize this holiday in fact?

    A. All members of the family prepared for holiday well.
    B. They had a definite purpose how to spend this day.
    C. Mother helped them to organize Mother’s Day.
    D. Father was the one who organized this holiday.

  • Why didn’t mother go for a trip?

    A. She was very busy.
    B. She wanted her husband and children all would get in a car and have a good day.
    C. Mother wanted to prepare a grand holiday dinner for her family.
    D. She didn’t like to fish.

  • Why didn’t the husband and children help mother to clear the things up and wash the dishes.

    A. She always did it herself.
    B. They were very tired after their trip.
    C. They wanted to help but she refused.
    D. They wanted, only Mother said she would really much rather do it.

  • Why were tears in mother’s eyes?

    A. It was the most wonderful day in her life.
    B. Her husband and children were so kind and helpful.
    C. All the family had the loveliest day, but she was tired.
    D. The children were kind and kissed mother before going to bed.


  • Can you say if Mother was really happy on that day?
  • Why wasn’t she really happy?
  • What would you do if you were one of the main characters of this story?
  • How would you organize a special Mother’s Day for your mother?