I like the film Ice Age because it is an exciting  computer animation about animals’ adventures.

The story takes place somewhere in the north of the planet Earth during a southward migration of species during a great ice age.

The main characters are Manny the Mammoth, Sid the Sloth, and Diego the Sabertooth tiger.


When Sid and Manny come upon a small, helpless human child, they decide to protect it and return it to its parents. Then they are joined by Diego the Sabertooth. Thanks to Manny’s bravery in saving Diego from certain death, they bond and become real friends. As any fairy tale it has got a happy end.

Ice Age tells about the values of real friendship.

I like the main characters. Sid is funny and curious but lazy. Manny is serious and responsible. Diego is brave and reliable. All the characters were skilfully created by filmmakers. They are individual and have their own bright personality.

The story is entertaining, funny and exciting.

I  recommend it to the lovers of computer animation. This cartoon is really worth seeing.