Write about your last birthday party.


I had a birthday party last Wednesday.
My parents organized the party for my twelfth birthday at our home.
Although our flat isn’t very large, we invited a lot of people.
My mother cooked lots of delicious food and my father and decorated the flat.
First, we ate sandwiches and pizzas and listened to music.
Then we played some exciting games with my friends.
The games were great fun and we laughed a lot.
After that we danced a lot.
Of course, we were a bit noisy, but my parents didn’t mind.
When everyone got tired, my parents switched on the video and we watched a new comedy.
In the evening we decided to go for a walk and when we returned, my mother brought in a huge birthday cake.
Certainly there isn’t a birthday party without presents.
As I am fond of playing table tennis my best friend presented me with a pair of excellent rackets.
I was delighted with his present.
The party finished at about midnight.
Everyone was tired but grateful to my parents for such a wonderful day.

baseball-glove-batYou had a great birthday party thanks to your parents.

You’ve never mentioned your interest in table tennis.

What about a baseball bat and a glove for your next birthday?